Tomato Tarte Tatin

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tomato tarte tatin

How GORGEOUS does the red and green in this tasty little number look? I think I might coin this tart my “Christmas Tarte Tatin” thanks to it’s festive colours, but tomato tarte tatin when I want to eat it throughout the year lol. This would go perfectly as a Christams morning breakfast, or as a starter for Christmas lunch or … Read More

Cauliflower Fritters

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cauliflower fritters

These cauliflower fritters are tasty, versatile and one of my favourite things to have on hand for a flavour-and-nutrient-packed lunch.  They’re also a great vegan (non-meat) way to add protein to a meal. Use what you have on hand at home and improvise as you need. Recipe Type: GF, DF, RSF, V Makes 8-16 fritters depending on size Time 30mins Ingredients: 1/2 a head of cauliflower (or … Read More

Okonomiyaki (Japanese Cabbage Pancake)

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Another meat-free Monday is SORTED, thanks to this tasty recipe for Okonomiyaki! Okonomiyaki is a Japanese dish that is basically a big cabbage pancake (or fritter). I love to add mushrooms and spring onions as well and top with some miso baked veggies and/or bacon (obviously not meat free then). If you like this then check out my Spicy Whole … Read More

Paleo Choc-Coconut Cookies

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choc coconut

These healthy chocolate & coconut cookies are a perfect to snack on during the day and round out an evening beautifully! They’re also egg and nut free, making them a perfect treat for your kids in their lunch box! Recipe Type: GF, DF, RSF, V, Paleo Serves 16-20 cookies Time 45 min Ingredients: 2.5 C Shredded coconut 1/3 C buckwheat flour … Read More

Raw Raspberry Ripe Cheesecake

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Move over cherry ripe, make way for raspberries! Tart but also sweet, these delicate berries are the star in this delicious Raw Raspberry Ripe Cheesecake! Recipe Type: GF, DF, RSF, V, Paleo Serves 1 cake Time 1 hour For the Base: ¾ cup almonds ½ cup shredded coconut 3 tbsp cacao powder Blitz these together in a food processor until it’s the … Read More

Lentil Bolognese

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lentil bolognese

Here’s another cracker (and super simple dish) for your Meat free Mondays! Lentil Bolognese. This recipe is really easy, no fancy ingredients or complicated cooking methods, just good old fashioned cooking. Some of my other favourite meat-free dishes include Eggplant Parmigiana, Whole Baked Cauliflower, Risotto Cake, Pumpkin Bites and Roast Pumpkin Quiche. Serves 4 Time – 30 mins Ingredients: 1 … Read More

Cabbage ‘Steak’

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cabbage steak

Your next meat-free Monday is SORTED, thanks to this tasty recipe for Cabbage ‘Steak’! It’s really a very simple concept that I love to do for an easy vegetarian meal. I’ll have this regularly but change up the other vegetables/herbs/spices that I use to totally transform the dish! If you like this then check out my Spicy Whole Baked Cauliflower! … Read More

Jaffa Protein Muffins

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jaffa protein muffins

I don’t know about you but I find baking a perfect way to pass time whilst in COVID-19 isolation! Plus it’s a great way to incorporate Cricket powder into your diet. I hope you like these delicious Jaffa muffins (jaffa means choc-orange by the way)! But Why Crickets? So, crickets (yes, those little insects) are a super high in protein, … Read More

Peach Muffins with Teff and Orange

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Peach Muffins

I don’t make muffins often enough. I see friends with kids who make them all the time, and I can see why; muffins are great, easy snack options, they freeze well and can be made extremely healthy by using nutrient-dense real food ingredients including hidden veggies, nuts, fruit, herbs and spices, just like in these peach muffins. Since starting work … Read More

Gluten-Free Christmas Pudding with Dairy-Free Brandy Cream

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Gluten-Free Christmas Pudding

Forget the pavlova and trifle, Gluten-Free Christmas Pudding is my all time favourite Christmas dessert. And now, I’ve finally made one of my own! If you like this recipe then try my Orange & Almond Cake recipe, my Balsamic Raspberry & Apple cake – also gluten and dairy free but definitely delicious, and actually make really good breakfasts!   Gluten … Read More