Lamington Cupcakes – Paleo

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lamington cupcakes

The Lamington. An Aussie icon. A spongy cake coated in chocolate, coconut, and if you’re lucky there’s a divine little jam surprise in the middle (although I don’t think that’s traditional, but I like it anyway). Here’s my take on this Aussie favourite – gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar free, but certainly NOT Fun-free! The coconut flavour comes right through in … Read More

Anzac Biscuits – My Take

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anzac biscuits

I haven’t had ANZAC Biccies in AGES especially since avoiding gluten, dairy and high sugar foods in general. Then someone asked me if I could come up with a ‘healthy’ ANZAC biscuit recipe for them. Well, with ANZAC day coming up shortly I figured why not have a go! After a few tries, here’s what I’ve come up with. Recipe Type: GF, DF, RSF, … Read More

Pumpkin and Quinoa Protein bites

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Pumpkin Bites

These savoury pumpkin bites came about because I was trying to invent a plant-based, delicious protein alternative for me to have with my lunches and dinners. I wanted to avoid using whole lentils/legumes because they tend to make me really gassy, and I had a few ingredients in my pantry and fridge… so I started to experiment. After a bit of … Read More

Vegan Apple Pie Blondies

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What does one do when your uncle sends you home with a bag full of apples? Get creative with Apple recipes of course! I’d recently made some delicious gooey Chocolate Brownies (recipe is here) so I was inspired to make something similar but with apples… A bit of experi-baking and I came up with these Apple Pie Blondies! Perfect for dessert … Read More

Super Goo-eey Chocolate Brownies!

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After travelling through Paris, and all over the UK for the last month, it’s so nice to be in one place for a few weeks (that place happens to be Breda at the moment). I also now have an oven… and I’m going to USE it!! First product, these gooey Chocolate Brownies, adapted from Hollie over at Powered by Veggies. … Read More

Paleo Hot Cross Buns!

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Paleo Hot Cross Buns

What’s Easter without a steaming Hot Cross Bun? If you’re following a paleo way of eating, there’s no reason to miss out either – try my Paleo Hot Cross Buns here! Time: 90 min Other info: GF, DF, Vg, SF, Paleo Ingredients: 400g Steamed or roasted pumpkin, pureed (you can use ½ cup Almond milk here if you don’t have pumpkin … Read More

Best Ever Beetroot Brownies!

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MY OH MY. I never thought brownies could taste this good. I was wrong. Recipe Type: GF, DF, RSF, V, Paleo Serves 16 Brownies Time 45min Ingredients: Brownie: 1 C grated beetroot ¾ cup flour of choice (almond meal, coconut, buckwheat or a mixture) ½ C Raw Cacao powder ¼ C Greek Yoghurt/Coyo/Coconut Cream (coconut cream is best) ½ C milk of … Read More

Nourishing Seed Bread

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seed bread

This Nourishing Seed Bread is a wonderful accompaniment with smashed avocado, or even as an afternoon snack with some delicious homemade dip! It’s also Egg-free so those with egg allergies finally have an option!      Recipe Type: GF, DF, RSF, V, Paleo Serves 15 slices Time 90min Ingredients: 1 C Buckwheat flour (can also use sorghum flour, brown rice flour or quinoa flour) … Read More

Almond Feta

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ALMOND FETA Are you intolerant to dairy or whey? Are you Vegan/Paleo or experimenting with Vegan/Paleo?  Are you generally interested in trying different, healthy recipes? This Vegan Feta using Almonds is for you! Personally, I just discovered that I have a sensitivity to Whey so I’ve been searching for different options where I would normally have used dairy products. I love … Read More

Basic Paleo Bread

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Paleo Bread - PB Lifestyles

I haven’t really eaten bread for a long time and don’t tend to miss it much at all… except when I’m at work and someone is making a ham, cheese and tomato toastie in the lunch room. The smell is just amazing! So I embarked on a mission to find a grain-free, paleo bread recipe that I like – so often … Read More