Vegan Apple Pie Blondies

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What does one do when your uncle sends you home with a bag full of apples? Get creative with Apple recipes of course! I’d recently made some delicious gooey Chocolate Brownies (recipe is here) so I was inspired to make something similar but with apples… A bit of experi-baking and I came up with these Apple Pie Blondies! Perfect for dessert … Read More

Super Goo-eey Chocolate Brownies!

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After travelling through Paris, and all over the UK for the last month, it’s so nice to be in one place for a few weeks (that place happens to be Breda at the moment). I also now have an oven… and I’m going to USE it!! First product, these gooey Chocolate Brownies, adapted from Hollie over at Powered by Veggies. … Read More

Raw Cacao Bean Bliss Balls

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cacao bean

  RAW CACAO BEAN BLISS BALLS I’ve been spending lots of time with my family in the Netherlands since arriving in Europe. Low and behold, the husband of one of my cousins is in the cacao bean trade! So what did I head home with after lunch at their place? A giant bag of raw cacao beans of course. I … Read More

Spanish Lemon Coconut Bliss Balls

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Spain Lemons

SPANISH LEMON COCONUT BLISS BALLS I’m currently housesitting just outside of Murcia, Spain, in a villa on the outskirts of the town situated amongst rows and rows of lemon trees! So, what do you do when your Spanish adventures give you a seemingly endless supply of lemons? Make Lemon Coconut Bliss Balls of course! I would normally use a base of nuts … Read More

Raw Chocolate Easter Eggs

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easter eggs

With Easter fast approaching, it seems that every way you turn in the shopping centres, all you see are chocolate eggs, bunnies, bilbies and hot cross buns. Most of us will have a gathering at some stage over the long weekend, want to show up with a great dish to impress the masses? Try making your own Easter Eggs! People … Read More

Paleo Hot Cross Buns!

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Paleo Hot Cross Buns

What’s Easter without a steaming Hot Cross Bun? If you’re following a paleo way of eating, there’s no reason to miss out either – try my Paleo Hot Cross Buns here! Time: 90 min Other info: GF, DF, Vg, SF, Paleo Ingredients: 400g Steamed or roasted pumpkin, pureed (you can use ½ cup Almond milk here if you don’t have pumpkin … Read More

Mum’s Healthy Fruitcake

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Aren’t mums the best? My Mum’s favourite morning snack for as long as I can remember has been a piece of healthy fruitcake, here is my gluten free version (paleo and vegan alternatives included)! Recipe Type: GF, DF, RSF, V, Paleo Serves 1 cake Time 2 hours Ingredients: 4 C mixed dried fruit, chopped (Mum uses the pre-made mix, but you can use your favourite … Read More

Clean Banoffee Truffles

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CLEAN BANOFFEE TRUFFLES This recipe was actually a request from my gorgeous sister, who saw a recipe for Banoffee Bites (kind of like a Banoffee truffle) that used very mainstream, unhealthy ingredients (except banana) – biscuits, caramel, milk chocolate. She asked if I could recreate a ‘clean version’. After a few goes, here it is! My sis loves them and I hope … Read More

Raw Lamington Bliss Balls

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RAW LAMINGTON BLISS BALLS Lamingtons to me are a gorgeous blend of coconut, chocolate, raspberry goodness. I always loved the ones with the jam and cream in the middle and I thought it would be hard to recreate in a bliss ball but I was wrong! These little bites manage to capture all the freshness of the raspberries, decadence of … Read More

Low FODMAP Raspberry Mousse

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Raspberry Mousse I’m loving this new creation at the moment – this Raspberry Mousse is super light, creamy and refreshing which is perfect for these hot Queensland evenings! Friendly for those with FODMAP digestion issues as well as fructose-malabsorption, this is a winner for just about everyone! Recipe Type: GF, DF, RSF, V, Paleo Serves 4 Time 10 min + 6 hours … Read More