My Top 10 Healthy Chocolate Recipes – Easter 2017

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Healthy Raw Vegan Chocolate - PB Lifestyles

Where in the world has 2017 gone? It’s supposed to Autumn apparently and I cannot believe Easter is here already! It seems like only yesterday it was Christmas and I was indulging in the vast deliciousness that comes along with that time of year. So, in an effort to help you (and me) stay just a little healthier this Easter, I’ve gone through all of my superfood recipes and selected my Top 10 Healthy chocolate recipes that won’t bust your belt buckle (consumed in appropriate quantities of course), they are:

Sugar-free Cookie Dough Bliss Balls
You know how much of a fan of Bliss Balls I am. And seriously, these are my FAVOURITE. That’s saying something.

Paleo Chocolate Granola
Think Coco-Pops on steroids – but better and waaaaayyyyy healthier for you!

Best Ever Beetroot Brownies
Actually the best brownies I’ve ever invented.

Raw Chocolate Easter Eggs and Homemade Raw Chocolate
’nuff said.
easter egg  

Raw Choc-Mint Slice
For those of you who are an Arnott’s Mint Slice fan, try this!

Raw Choc Peppermint Slice

Healthy ‘Nutella’
I know so many people who are addicted or were addicted to Nutella who insisted I find them a healthy version for them! I love this on coconut ice cream the best!

healthy nutella

Easy Chocolate Mousse

chocolate mousse

Raw Turkish Delight Nougat


Super Goo-ey Choc Brownies
Another brownie recipe, my favourite is still the beetroot brownies above but these are pretty close – they have a black-bean base.

And that’s a wrap ! I hope you have a fabulous Easter, and if you make any of these recipes (or any others of mine), please take a snap and send it to me either via email ( or tag me on Instagram of Facebook (both @pennysbenjamin)!

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