Guest Blog – 1 Week in Sydney

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Guest Blog: 1 Week in Sydney By Diana Smith   Looking for the best way to explore the most famous and popular Australian city? Essentially, the perfect itinerary doesn’t exist, and it all depends on what your preferences are. However, Sydney does have plenty of landmarks and attractions, and it may become overwhelming to organize yourself within just one week. … Read More

Guest Blog – 48 Hours in Melbourne

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Guest Blog: How to Spend 48 Hours in Melbourne By Emma Lawson A weekend in Melbourne can be plenty of time to get to know the soul and groove of this magnificent Australian city. Of course, it all depends on how open you are to new experiences. But if you welcome Melbourne with open arms, you can be sure that … Read More

Barcelona Take Two

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Barcelona, Take Two! There’s no questioning that Barcelona is a mesmerizing city for many. A unique blend of a complex cultural history, medieval architecture, modern art and metropolitan vibes. I first visited Barcelona with my friend Gautam back in June 2016 (Gautam wrote a guest blog about Barcelona which you can read here) and like many, I also fell in love … Read More

Vagabonding at its Best; Cool Travel Stories.

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Vagabonding: The Lost Art of Meeting People and Making Friends! If you followed my vagabonding adventures throughout 2016 you’ll know that I visited some pretty amazing places and met some unique people along the way facilitating some truly once-in-a-lifetime experiences. However, recently, with the heightened alert for potential terrorism threats and people feeling on-edge walking down the street, I find that many tend to retreat … Read More

Carcassonne: A restored Medieval French City – Penny Benjamin

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Carcassonne A Restored, Fortified Medieval French City Carcassonne is a city situated in the Aude department in the South-West of France. Its hilltop has been inhabited since the Neolithic period and is perfectly situated along routes linking the Atlantic Ocean with the Mediterranean Sea as well as Central Europe with the Pyrenées. Throughout the centuries, Carcassonne’s strategic location has been … Read More

Portugal’s Rustic Countryside

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Portugal’s Undiscovered Countryside When travelling to Portugal, few visitors make it past her major cities of Lisbon and Porto. While these two centres are beautiful, entertaining and unique in their own right, Portugal has a great deal more on offer when you take a step outside the big cities and explore Portuguese country life. The central region of Portugal; the Viseu and … Read More

French Food

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french food

French Food France. Just saying the word to most people brings up images of snails, frog’s legs, cheese, croissants and baguettes eaten by men wearing black-and-white striped shirts and berets sporting curly moustaches. Of course we can’t forget the beauty and history of Paris and Versailles, the picturesque vineyards of Champagne and Burgundy, the clifftop villages in The Lot or … Read More

Housesitting; a new way to travel?

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I travelled around Europe for over 7 months this last year. And, understandably, many people asked: How I can afford to travel for so long? AND How I managed to stay on top of the study requirements for my Masters while enjoying my travel? There are several ways I’ve been able to afford such extensive, lengthy travel. One of which is Housesitting. … Read More

Beautiful Beaune

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A Day in Beautiful Beaune The city of Beaune is situated in the mid-east of France, roughly halfway between Geneva and Paris. It is one of the two most famous cities in Burgundy, the other being Dijon. Unlike Dijon however, Beaune is smaller and has a wonderful ‘village feel’ about it. Much of the city’s tourism centres around Burgundy’s wine industry, its World Heritage acknowledgement … Read More

Monet’s House and Garden in Autumn

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Monet’s House and Garden in Autumn Giverny, France   The French painter Claude Monet, most famous for his Impressionist style of painting, lived from 1840-1926. Claude Monet ~1899       Painting; “Woman in White, in the Garden”          In 1883 Monet moved to Giverny, a small village in Normandy in the north of France where he and his … Read More