Guest Blog – 48 Hours in Melbourne

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Guest Blog:

How to Spend 48 Hours in Melbourne

By Emma Lawson

A weekend in Melbourne can be plenty of time to get to know the soul and groove of this magnificent Australian city. Of course, it all depends on how open you are to new experiences. But if you welcome Melbourne with open arms, you can be sure that the city will return the hug. There are truly a lot of amazing places to visit and sights to see here. Therefore, it would be best to plan your own itinerary. Go with the flow but stay true to your own tastes. In order to get a better idea of itinerary essentials during these 48 hours, keep on reading.

Food For the Weekend


Having breakfast or dinner at the hotel, depending on when you arrive at Melbourne, is fine. However, don’t miss the chance to get to know this city from the foodie’s perspective. Dining at the hotel all the time will only reduce the overall impression and experience. Therefore, go out to eat. Melbourne is famous for small businesses. Numerous bars, restaurants and coffee shops are waiting for you at every corner. Melbourne is the city of coffee lovers. Feel free to check out the taste of coffee in different shops whenever you have the chance. Degraves Street is known for numerous bars and restaurants where you can get the chance to try out different cuisine. If you want an inexpensive meal but great taste, Shanghai Dumpling is a must-visit. In order to experience the true Melbourne vibe, make sure to check out Ferdydurke as well. And if you get hungry during the night, the Victoria Market will have everything you want to try and more.

So many places, so little time! Day 1


Now that you have a general idea about food and coffee paradise that is Melbourne, it’s time to work on your daily schedules. The best way to get to know the city is to blend right in. Taking a walking tour through Hidden Secrets and Arcades will definitely be worth your while. Going through these streets will help you meet Melbourne in a local fashion and experience the true distinction of this city. Once you feel it’s time to rest your feet, hop on the City Circle Tram. The tram will offer you a free ride throughout the entire city. You can go for a 45-minute ride to complete the circle or you can get off at key points to explore the city even more. If you want a taste of something truly special, Old Melbourne Gaol is a place you should definitely visit. Touring this prison will be just like touring an exhibition hall, filled with details and historical background. Not to mention that you’ll get the chance to role play and experience the inmate life first hand. Finally, finish your first day by visiting Chinatown and engaging in the exoticism of this vibrant place.

So many places, so little time! Day 2


You can continue your sightseeing or simply relax around Melbourne for your second day there. If you’ve got the chance to visit Melbourne by joining house sitters, you’ve already got the feel of this city’s laid back lifestyle. So why not combine the relaxing and sightseeing? Royal Exhibition Building and Melbourne Museum can definitely help you achieve this combination. Amazing architecture together with everything you can imagine when it comes to Australian history, culture and heritage is waiting for you here. You can spice up your second day here by visiting unique places that suit your personality. With indie businesses that carry everything from fashion, makeup and jewellery to home décor, books and stationery, you can find your own perfect blend of unique, personal yet Melbourne-like vibe. Finally, if you want to end this 48-hour visit to Melbourne in the best manner possible, take a trip to St. Kilda and enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

Of course, it’s important that you do your own research before visiting Melbourne. That way you’ll know for sure what places and sights will help you get the most out of this weekend in a truly amazing and beautiful city.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this useful information about how to spend a weekend in Melbourne. I am coming next week in Adelaide. Definitely I will come to Melbourne and visit Melbourne city too. Cheers

  2. Hi Penny, definitely have some great ideas here for any first time or return visitor to Melbourne. Keep up the great work.

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