French Food

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french food

French Food

France. Just saying the word to most people brings up images of snails, frog’s legs, cheese, croissants and baguettes eaten by men wearing black-and-white striped shirts and berets sporting curly moustaches.

Of course we can’t forget the beauty and history of Paris and Versailles, the picturesque vineyards of Champagne and Burgundy, the clifftop villages in The Lot or the pebble beaches of the south. But at the end of the day (actually, at noon for the midday meal) there’s no beating-around-the-bush: the French will move mountains for their food.

During a handful of different stays, I spent over 7 weeks in France in 2016. I tasted many traditional foods, often specialities of the region I was visiting. For example, in Burgundy you can find herb & butter stuffed snails in the freezer section of local supermarkets! Duck rillets are commonplace in the Midi-Pyrenées but chocolate Brioche is a specialty from the centre of France.

The video montage below shows you a snapshot of the French food I tasted, including a few dishes I whipped up myself using locally grown or foraged ingredients, like Truffles!


My favourites would have to be Boeff Bourguignan (beef burgundy), Duck Rillets, Champagne and Crême Brûlée but there really are so many!

If you ever visit France yourself, you’ll find the best food products at local farmers & producers markets. There, you can ask the stall holders about, and purchase, the specialities of the region. Alternatively, choose to dine at a restaurant away from the most touristic areas for a quieter experience then ask the waitstaff about local specialities of the menu.


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