Monet’s House and Garden in Autumn

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Monet’s House and Garden in Autumn

Giverny, France


The French painter Claude Monet, most famous for his Impressionist style of painting, lived from 1840-1926.

Claude Monet ~1899       Painting; “Woman in White, in the Garden”

Monet        Monet

In 1883 Monet moved to Giverny, a small village in Normandy in the north of France where he and his family curated their own beautiful garden including a pond that is covered with water lilies in the spring time. His house and garden became an inspiration for many of his paintings.

Paintings: “Japanese Bridge”, and “Water Lilies”

Monet Monet

The house and garden in Giverny are now open as a museum, of sorts, for the public to view and wander through and appreciate Monet’s inspirations. It is, however, closed from November until the end of March, best to check the website for details.

Rather than ramble on about the garden’s beauty, I’ll let this montage speak for itself:

The garden is most popular in the Spring when the water lilies are in bloom, however, I found these Autumn colours just as magnificent, giving the garden a very different feel. There is also the added bonus of there being much fewer visitors later in the Autumn.

R-L, T-B: Dining room in the house; lily pond; exterior of the house; red Autumn leaves in the garden; cookware in the kitchen

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Interestingly, Monet was influenced a lot, and enjoyed very much, Japanese art work. This is evident not only by the inclusion of the Japanese bridge in the garden but by the expansive collection of Japanese art and ornaments that adorned the interior of the house.

Make sure you take a stroll through Giverny village as well. There are many small (and free) galleries to meander through, several delightful restaurants and cafés to to relax in, and another impressionist museum that exhibits rotating works of the many famous impressionists.

Personally, I found the entire visit made me feel extremely relaxed and serene, but also observant and aware. I noticed things around me – in the garden and in the paintings – that I normally might not have. A wonderful feeling!

If you’re in France, a visit to Giverny is most DEFINITELY worth a day trip, make the effort, you won’t be disappointed.

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