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Vegan Cheese


Are you intolerant to dairy or whey? Are you Vegan or Paleo or experimenting with Vegan/Paleo?  Are you generally interested in trying different, healthy recipes?

Personally, I recently discovered that I have a sensitivity to Whey so I’ve been searching for different options where I would normally have used dairy products. Having a Dutch heritage, cheese was a LARGE part of my diet, especially from a cultural perspective, so I’ve found and come up with some delicious alternatives to satisfy my cheese cravings!

This delicious dinner I whipped up last week is just some turkey meatballs, on top of green veggies, topped with my Brazil Nut Parmesan.


Basic Cashew Cheese is a great base for all kind of cheesy dips and sauces. You can think it out and drizzle over roast veggies, or treat it more like a traditional brie/camembert. I also love to flavour it with oregano, basil, garlic and pepper.

A variation on this is my Sweet Chilli Cheese (think sweet-chilli-philli). It’s DELISH!

I love my Almond Feta crumbled over salads, or roast veggies. I also love to marinate it in olive oil with herbs and spices to infuse even more deliciousness!

Almond Feta  marinaded almond feta

If the ‘melt’ effect is what you’re after then Zucchini Cheese is the one for you! This is the perfect topping for pizzas or inside toasted sandwiches!



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