Easy Satay Sauce

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satay sauce

Whip up this 4-ingredient satay sauce whenever you’re in a hurry and need something tasty for your dinner or to impress guests! It’s a very versatile sauce – I use it as you would any satay sauce; in a chicken dish, but it’s also nice to marinade some salmon or chicken drumsticks before grilling. One of my favourite new uses for … Read More

Crispy Sardine Sprats

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crispy Sardine

Sardines are extremely nutritious. They’re packed with long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, protein, iron, zinc and many other minerals. They’re also a more sustainable seafood as they’re much lower down on the food chain. They are, however, not always the most tasty food! This recipe is a different take on sardines that (at least for me) makes them way more … Read More

Superfood Zucchini Fritters

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zucchini fritters

I love a good fritter. Zucchini fritters, carrot fritters, pumpkin fritters, mixed-veggie fritters, you name it. Fritters are so versatile – perfect for fancy homemade brunches, satisfying packed lunches for school or work, not to mention easy and kid-friendly breakfasts and dinners! PLUS they’re REALLY easy to make. When I make fritters, I’m usually making them as a vegetarian protein … Read More

Lettuce Tacos – Low FODMAP and Sibo Friendly

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lettuce tacos

As many of you know, I really love Mexican flavours. See my Vegan Mexican Bean Burgers for another cool recipe. Another one of my go-to Mexican meals to make at home is “Lettuce Tacos”. Everyone has their own way of enjoying tacos but this is my way and I wanted to share it with you. It’s simple, delicious, paleo, and I’ve … Read More

Salmon with Dill Pesto, Chips and Salad

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There’s just no arguing with the marriage of flavours that are DILL and SALMON. It’s seriously the best! It even makes smoked salmon taste pleasing for me (I’m not normally a fan of smoked salmon, despite loving cooked salmon). You know what, it’s actually just really great with all kinds of fish! Thus, I love having my creamy, flavourful Dill Pesto … Read More

Dill Pesto

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dill pesto

This beautiful, creamy, flavourful Dill Pesto is the perfect accompaniment to fish, chicken and even lamb! As a bonus, the use of walnuts or macadamia nuts and omission of garlic makes it low reactive, FODMAP and Sibo compliant! Try it in place of Basil Pesto with Zoodles too. Time  10 mins Ingredients: 1 C walnuts or macadamia nuts juice of 1 … Read More

Vietnamese Chicken Drumsticks

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vietnamese chicken

This Vietnamese chicken dish left me feeling warmed and super satisfied! It was also super easy to make when I was really busy with work and study. Just let the slow cooker do all the work! Serves 4 Time  30 mins Ingredients: For the Sauce: 1 thumb-sized piece of ginger 1/2 a bunch fresh coriander 1 red chilli, deseeded 10cm piece … Read More

Liver Pâté

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Organic, grassfed liver is also a absolute battery-pack of nutrients. Did you know that for humans as well as many animals the liver is the place where excess nutrients are stored? This helps explain why liver is such a great source of nutrients when it comes to eating it! We’re talking ridiculously amazing levels of Vitamin A, Riboflavin, B6, B12, niacin, … Read More

Sardine Patties

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I’m someone who doesn’t eat a lot of dairy – the whey protein doesn’t seem to agree with me. So I’m always sourcing non-dairy foods that are high in calcium. One such food is the humble sardine! Did you know that 100g sardines (with the bones) contains more calcium than a glass of full fat milk? So  this week’s creation … Read More

Warm Sibo-Salad

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This simple, yet delicious vegetarian salad option that meets all macronutrient requirements, will keep you full ’til dinner and it’s low FODMAP and Sibo-friendly! Serves 1 Time  10 mins Ingredients: 1 decent handful of kale 1 decent handful of rocket 1 radish, shaved 1/2-3/4 C carrots and eggplant roasted in cumin and turmeric 1-2 T alfalfa sprouts 4 kalamata olives, … Read More