Parmesan Crusts – don’t throw them away!

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Did you know the ends of your parmesan triangles ARE NOT wax? They’re ALL CHEESE but just a little drier due to the aging process.


Crunchy baked parmesan crusts

So don’t waste them!

My favourite thing to do with them is to grill or bake them (per recipe below) and they turn into delightful parmesan-flavoured crunchy croutons for your salad!

But they also provide delicious flavour to soups, stocks, broths, stuffings, even throw them into the pot while you’re absorbing your lentils/legumes.


Ingredients For Crunchy baked parmesan ends:

  • Left-over ends of your parmesan cheese triangles

Parma Broth by


  1. Save your parmesan ends until whenever you’re turning the oven on next.
  2. In an oven of 180degC throw the parmesan ends onto a tray with other items in the oven.
  3. 10-15mins is usually more than enough time to make them nice and crunchy and delicious crouton-type pieces for your salad!

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