Gluten-Free Carrot Fritters

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carrot fritters

CARROT FRITTERS Carrots are in season and are a brilliant source of Vitamin A, Folate and Dietary Fibre not to mention they taste awesome! These are one my go-to easy items to make on my Sunday weekly meal prep – they’re great for so many different meals, just a few different ways I’ve used them: Throw them into a salad … Read More

Gluten Free Muesli OR Choc Granola

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This wonderful recipe is great because it’s totally flexible to what YOU like (and what you have in the pantry)! Plus who doesn’t like turning a Beautiful Muesli into a healthy Choc Granola – like Coco-Pops but good for you! Mix and Match as you like. Share your creations with me of Facebook or Instagram! Serves: 5-6 cups of muesli Time: … Read More

Basic Paleo Bread

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Paleo Bread - PB Lifestyles

I haven’t really eaten bread for a long time and don’t tend to miss it much at all… except when I’m at work and someone is making a ham, cheese and tomato toastie in the lunch room. The smell is just amazing! So I embarked on a mission to find a grain-free, paleo bread recipe that I like – so often … Read More

Penny’s Superfood Protein Powder

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Superfood Protein Powder - PB Lifestyles

I was inspired by 180 Nutrition Superfood Powder and the amazing work Guy and Stu do to empower people to lead a life at peak health to give my own superfood blend a go. This easy superfood protein powder packs an absolute nutrient punch! It’s a great way to boost the nutrients of your meal. Here are just some suggestions: Excellent in … Read More

Beetroot Bircher Muesli

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beetroot bircher

I love beetroots, mainly because of their colour and great flavour! But they also have countless health benefits including increased stamina, lowering blood pressure, improved digestion plus a whole host of antioxidants and vitamins. Check out my article 6 Reasons to Eat More Beetroot to find out more. Beets are most well known for use in savoury dishes, but I decided … Read More