Portugal’s Rustic Countryside

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Portugal’s Undiscovered Countryside When travelling to Portugal, few visitors make it past her major cities of Lisbon and Porto. While these two centres are beautiful, entertaining and unique in their own right, Portugal has a great deal more on offer when you take a step outside the big cities and explore Portuguese country life. The central region of Portugal; the Viseu and … Read More

French Food

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french food

French Food France. Just saying the word to most people brings up images of snails, frog’s legs, cheese, croissants and baguettes eaten by men wearing black-and-white striped shirts and berets sporting curly moustaches. Of course we can’t forget the beauty and history of Paris and Versailles, the picturesque vineyards of Champagne and Burgundy, the clifftop villages in The Lot or … Read More

Ask A Question

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Ask me your Nutrition & Health Questions Do you have a nutrition or health related question that has been bugging you for a while? Maybe something that you’re embarrassed to ask your friends, family or coach about and want to remain anonymous? Well I’m here to answer them! This is your chance to have your question(s) answered and ‘hit me with … Read More

Housesitting; a new way to travel?

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I travelled around Europe for over 7 months this last year. And, understandably, many people asked: How I can afford to travel for so long? AND How I managed to stay on top of the study requirements for my Masters while enjoying my travel? There are several ways I’ve been able to afford such extensive, lengthy travel. One of which is Housesitting. … Read More

Beautiful Beaune

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A Day in Beautiful Beaune The city of Beaune is situated in the mid-east of France, roughly halfway between Geneva and Paris. It is one of the two most famous cities in Burgundy, the other being Dijon. Unlike Dijon however, Beaune is smaller and has a wonderful ‘village feel’ about it. Much of the city’s tourism centres around Burgundy’s wine industry, its World Heritage acknowledgement … Read More

Monet’s House and Garden in Autumn

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Monet’s House and Garden in Autumn Giverny, France   The French painter Claude Monet, most famous for his Impressionist style of painting, lived from 1840-1926. Claude Monet ~1899       Painting; “Woman in White, in the Garden”          In 1883 Monet moved to Giverny, a small village in Normandy in the north of France where he and his … Read More

San Sebastian in Winter

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San Sebastian in Winter Means Constant Rain…   San Sebastian is very much a tourism-oriented city, with its sandy beaches (both surf beach and a sheltered bay), history (it is the centre of the ancient Basque region and language), pintxos (tapas-style bites served on the bars) and fine dining (as a city San Sebastian has the most Michelin Stars per … Read More

Menopause, Surgery and Weight Gain

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My mate, Karl Innes, over at CF40 Masters Blog had a question from one of his female followers regarding menopause, surgery and fat loss. Out of his area of expertise, I offered to help answer the question and thought I’d share my response here as you might find it useful and insightful as well. The Question: So ladies as far as … Read More

The Ouche Valley

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Country Living in the Ouche Valley, Burgundy I spent 3 blissful weeks housesitting in the small town of Bligny-sur-Ouche in Le Val D’Ouche (Ouche Valley) in Burgundy in October 2016. I was without a car but certainly didn’t feel isolated. I spent most of my days exploring Bligny and neighbouring villages by foot or bike, hiking in the expansive countryside and … Read More

A Day in Dijon

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A Day in Dijon The city of Dijon is situated in the mid-east of France, roughly halfway between Geneva and Paris. It is one of the two most famous cities in Burgundy, the other being Beaune. In my opinion, any city where you can find traditional Maille Mustard on pump (ie. like a beer tap/pump) is somewhere definitely worth a visit. I spent a … Read More