Parmesan Crusts – don’t throw them away!

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Did you know the ends of your parmesan triangles ARE NOT wax? They’re ALL CHEESE but just a little drier due to the aging process. So don’t waste them! My favourite thing to do with them is to grill or bake them (per recipe below) and they turn into delightful parmesan-flavoured crunchy croutons for your salad! But they also provide … Read More

Pure Parma: Parmigiano Reggiano

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 A stay in Parma would most definitely NOT be complete without a visit to a certified Parmigiano Reggiano and Prosciutto di Parma Factory. Similar to the way that the production of Champagne is very heavily regulated and controlled, so is the production of Parmigiano Reggiano cheese (parmesan cheese) and Prosciutto di Parma (Parma ham). These extremely natural products are produced exclusively … Read More

A lesson in making Natural Gelato

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Gelaterias in Italy are as commonplace as coffee shops or cafes are in Australia, I think there must be some law that says “no-one should be further than 500m walk from a gelato store”. My local gelateria in Parma was called Il Gelato… Naturellement and is located at Piazza Filippo Corridoni, 15 (on Via Massimo D’Azeglio). Il Gelato was opened by Marina … Read More

Packing Part 2 – the details

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On Sunday 28th August, I went live on Facebook to answer questions regarding packing, travelling, time management for study while travelling and staying healthy while travelling. The recording is below if you’d like to view. Following the video is a summary of what I share in the video with regards to packing, time management, health and travel hacks. Bear in mind that … Read More

Gelato and “Ice Cream”, what’s the difference?

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The difference between Italian Gelato and Australian/US/English “Ice Cream” If you’ve eaten Gelato in Italy (or even Europe for that matter) or from the handful of gelaterias now becoming popular in Australia and around the world, you’ll know there is a difference when compared to the generic “Ice Cream” of the US/Australia/UK. Gelato always seems more intense in flavour, while … Read More

13 Typical Dutch Foods

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13 Typical Dutch Foods Italy and France are more commonly thought of as the “food epicentres” of Europe, and rightly so, they produce delicious food. However, amongst the hype of the canals, windmills, clogs, tulips and red light districts, the food of The Netherlands can often get overlooked, which is sad. From mini pancakes to salty seafood, hail on bread and … Read More

Nature, Food and History in The Lot, France

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France. What comes to mind when you think of France? Perhaps Paris, The Eiffel Tower, Champagne, wine, brie, camembert, baguettes, crepes and croissants? Paris, Marseille and Bordeaux attract millions of tourists each year, as do the wine regions of Champagne, The Loire and Bordeaux. A lesser known region, but just as beautiful, delicious and fascinating is the region of The … Read More

Say Cheeeessee!! 400 Years of Dutch Tradition at the Alkmaar Cheese Markets

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Alkmaar Cheese Markets

Cheese Markets – 400 Years of Dutch Tradition Say Cheeeesssseee!!! Gouda, Edam, Beemster, Maasdam, Roomano and more!  Along with windmills, bikes, tulips and family; cheese is certainly one of the first things that comes to mind when I think of the Netherlands. A great deal of history and tradition are held in the making of cheese in The Netherlands. From … Read More

Hiking in the Highlands

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I discovered in the Lakes District that Hiking is a very popular pastime amongst the English. The same can be said for the Scottish! Sir Hugh Munro (1856 – 1919) was an avid hiker and loved adventuring through the Scottish highlands and countryside. He decided to climb every peak higher than 3000ft (914m) in Scotland. As such, all peaks higher than 3000ft … Read More

4 Seasons of Tulip Growing

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Tulips in The Netherlands

Tulips and Holland. They go together like salt & pepper, peas and carrots, love and marriage. This year I was lucky enough to arrive in holland right in the middle of the short, 6-8 week, period in Spring when they are at their blooming best! In The Netherlands this is from late March to mid-May each year. I even spoke with a … Read More