Hiking in the Highlands

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I discovered in the Lakes District that Hiking is a very popular pastime amongst the English. The same can be said for the Scottish! Sir Hugh Munro (1856 – 1919) was an avid hiker and loved adventuring through the Scottish highlands and countryside. He decided to climb every peak higher than 3000ft (914m) in Scotland. As such, all peaks higher than 3000ft … Read More

4 Seasons of Tulip Growing

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Tulips in The Netherlands

Tulips and Holland. They go together like salt & pepper, peas and carrots, love and marriage. This year I was lucky enough to arrive in holland right in the middle of the short, 6-8 week, period in Spring when they are at their blooming best! In The Netherlands this is from late March to mid-May each year. I even spoke with a … Read More

It’s True what they say: The Lakes District is MAGNIFICENT

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Cumbria. The Lakes District. Everyone talks about it. And for good reason, I’ve discovered, The Lakes District is truly one of the most majestic places to visit in England. No matter where you visit, you’ll be rewarded with stunning views; be it one of the great lakes, daunting pikes, plunging hillsides, lush forests, rolling green hills or cosy fireplaces at … Read More

4 Easy Steps to Packing

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Packing. If you’re anything like I used to be, you leave it to the last minute and don’t have any kind of system for deciding what to put in the suitcase, except for maybe a sketchy list. I’ve learnt a lot about packing over the last couple of months (I left Australia with A LOT more than I really need). … Read More

Barcelona – A Modern City Preserving The Past

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If you’ve been following my pictures and updates on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter you’ll know that I recently spend a week exploring the treasures of the Catalonian Coast with a good mate of mine, Gautam Krishnan (aka “G”). My last post explored our adventures in some of the priceless, often undiscovered, gems of the coastline. The final stop on our journey was the … Read More

Catalan Coastal Gems

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[picture above: View of Peniscola from Castell de Peniscola] The Spanish cities of Madrid, Barcelona, San Sebastien and Granada draw many visitors to Spain every year. However, along the coast south of Barcelona, in the region of Catalonia, you’ll find many just as beautiful, fascinating and historical towns to visit on your travels. Guadalest Beginning just south of Valencia, you … Read More

10 Highlights of Alicante and Murcia

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Alicante and Murcia are two cities (about an hour apart) in the region of Spain south of Valencia. Alicante, on the coast, attracts some tourists in the Summer (although not nearly as many as its neighbour, Benidorm), while Murcia is a somewhat unknown, though nonetheless beautiful and interesting, city! I’ve been housesitting just outside of Murcia and have had the pleasure of … Read More

Mouthwatering Murcian Morsels

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Spanish Food Paella

Did you know that paella is actually the name of the large pan that the rice is cooked in? In a more local restaurant you won’t actually see ‘Paella’ on the menu. Rather you’ll read the heading “Arroces” which is Spanish for ‘rices’. Under the heading you’ll then see the different rice dishes that the restaurant serves (seafood, chicken, chorizo etc.). … Read More

Spanish Lemon Coconut Bliss Balls

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Spain Lemons

SPANISH LEMON COCONUT BLISS BALLS I’m currently housesitting just outside of Murcia, Spain, in a villa on the outskirts of the town situated amongst rows and rows of lemon trees! So, what do you do when your Spanish adventures give you a seemingly endless supply of lemons? Make Lemon Coconut Bliss Balls of course! I would normally use a base of nuts … Read More

Keukenhof: the Epitome of Springtime in the Netherlands

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The Keukenhof, located not far from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, is a large exhibition of Spring-flowering “bulbs” and the Dutch floricultural sector. It is open only for 8 weeks during the peak flowering period from late March through to mid-May each year and displays a magnificent array of beautiful flowers in all the colours of the rainbow! And, yes, the perfumes are delicious. … Read More