A lesson in making Natural Gelato

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Gelaterias in Italy are as commonplace as coffee shops or cafes are in Australia, I think there must be some law that says “no-one should be further than 500m walk from a gelato store”. My local gelateria in Parma was called Il Gelato… Naturellement and is located at Piazza Filippo Corridoni, 15 (on Via Massimo D’Azeglio). Il Gelato was opened by Marina … Read More

Gelato and “Ice Cream”, what’s the difference?

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The difference between Italian Gelato and Australian/US/English “Ice Cream” If you’ve eaten Gelato in Italy (or even Europe for that matter) or from the handful of gelaterias now becoming popular in Australia and around the world, you’ll know there is a difference when compared to the generic “Ice Cream” of the US/Australia/UK. Gelato always seems more intense in flavour, while … Read More