Do I have an Unhealthy Relationship with Food?

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Last week I published a post, my story really, of the last 5+ years struggling with disordered eating.  The response has been overwhelming!  I’d been writing that piece on and off for several months and it took a long time for me to finally hit the ‘publish’ button. I think that by pressing publish I was saying to the world … Read More

I’m recovering from an Eating Disorder

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^photo credit (right) The Official Photographers **Warning**  This is a long post, with few pictures Today I am sharing something that has taken me a long time to process and feel confident enough to talk about openly. I struggled with an eating disorder for over 5 years. Finally, 18 months ago I stopped denying it and consciously made the self-realisation that … Read More

Wanderlust Sunshine Coast, 2015

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My Weekend at Wanderlust Sunshine Coast 15-18 October 2015   Only a few weeks ago I saw a fun competition appear on the Instagram account of one of my favourite health promoters – Food Matters. The competition required entrants to repost the image of 3 random ingredients (originally posted by Food Matters) along with a recipe of a delicious dish … Read More