PB Lifestyles at Sydney’s City2Surf

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PB Lifestyles City2surf

PB Lifestyles makes an appearance at the 44th Annual Sydney City2Surf!   Sunday 9th August saw four amazing people take part in Sydney’s City2Surf as part of team PB Lifestyles! For Justine Davis and Marty Tindal, this was their first EVER City2Surf, while Danni Buchner had done it once before (plus I’ve done it 4 times before as well). And what a … Read More

Vital Ingredients to a Healthy Cooking Class at Vines Road!

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On Sunday 2nd August, Dave, Shelley, Julie, Sylvie, Karen and Rose spent their Sunday learning just how easy healthy cooking really is at the PB Lifestyles Full Health Cooking Class at Vines Road Community Centre! We started the day making some delicious Peanut Butter and Caramel Bliss Balls – which normally only takes 10minutes but took a bit longer after everyone needed to … Read More

2015 City2Surf (Sydney)

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The Sydney City2Surf. Sunday 9th August 2015.   Did you know the Sydney City2Surf is the largest fun run in the world, with over 60,000 entrants each year? More people participate in the C2S each year than in any other fun run. Impressive huh? And who can blame them? A picturesque run through Sydney’s eastern suburbs with views of Double … Read More

The importance of Core Strength

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Core Strength

With all the hype about weights, resistance training, HIIT, marathon events and fun runs, it’s easy to overlook the importance of building and maintaining good core strength. Core Strength refers not only to the strength of our various abdominal muscles (I can tell you’re thinking 6-pack, washboard abs here) but also the muscles in posterior chain, in our back. Having … Read More