2015 City2Surf (Sydney)

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The Sydney City2Surf. Sunday 9th August 2015.


Did you know the Sydney City2Surf is the largest fun run in the world, with over 60,000 entrants each year? More people participate in the C2S each year than in any other fun run. Impressive huh? And who can blame them? A picturesque run through Sydney’s eastern suburbs with views of Double Bay, Rose Bay and right over Sydney Harbour, the iconic finish line on Bondi Beach, a sneaky swim after the race, plus you get to be active and create some happiness endorphins! Sounds like a perfect day to me 😀


I, myself, have done the event 4 times and, now, after a couple of years off due to a move interstate, I’ll be making a special trip up to Sydney next month to run!


I’d love for you to join me! The team will be meeting up at the starting line and then again at the finish line for some well-deserved nourishment! Send me an email if you’ll be participating this year and want to meet up! Even if you’re not participating but want to come down for a chat at Bondi after the event, just shoot me an email.


And why not run in a PB Lifestyles Shirt? I’ve got some nice, simple t-shirts for the ladies as well as the gentlemen printed with the PB Lifestyles Logo on them. These are awesome to run in but also make for a nice casual tee, great for everyday wear with jeans, shorts etc. For multiple uses and just $35, why wouldn’t you?




PBLshirts mens



Whether you’re a seasoned runner or a first-timer, the right training, mindset and nutrition is essential for optimal performance on the day.

  1. Ensure you’ve got a good training plan that includes a variety of tempo, endurance and sprint work as well as a complimentary strength component (I can offer help in this space, just send me an email if you’d like a training program for the C2S or any other running event you may embark on).
  2. To get the most out of your training sessions, focus your mind on the task at hand, resist the urge to let your mind drift and wander, leave that for later while you’re waiting for your coffee ;).
  3. A car filled with the wrong (or bad) petrol is not going to run at it’s best – there will be stutters, it may not go as fast, it’s likely to conk out and it may not even start in the first place. Similarly, our bodies need the right fuel/nutrients to run at their best. Ensure you’re eating a nutrient-dense diet based on minimal processed foods and plenty of whole foods. Make sure you are adequately fuelled for your workouts and then refuelled afterwards. If you’re having trouble with this, let me know; I work with a practicing dietitian to optimise my clients’ nutrition.
  4. DRINK plenty of water! Aim for 1L per day for every 30kg body mass you have, and add more on days your exercise and in summer.
  5. Get enough rest! Not just a good 6-8 hours sleep per night but also rest and restore your mind and body with active recovery, stretching and yoga.

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