Nurtient-Rich Face Serum

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Face serum

Don’t want strange nasties rubbed all over your skin when you’re trying to heal cracked, dry skin, scars and sores? Me neither, that’s why I’ve been experimenting with my own, natural DIY skincare recipes! This beautiful face serum is perfect all year round and will keep your face looking gorgeous!

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Time – about 5 minute

Ingredients for Face Serum:

  • 1 dropper or pump vessel (I love The Vessel Collection for some super lux droppers, rollers and spritzers)
  • Amounts will depend on the size of your vessel.
  • If you’re looking for a place to purchase these, try Australian Wholesale Oils.
  • Jojoba Oil (you can also use almond oil or macadamia oil, or a mixture of these)
  • 1-2 tsp Vitamin E Oil
  • Rosehip Oil
  • Pomegranite Oil
  • Essential Oils – best for skin are Frankinsense, Lavender, Tea Trea, Sandalwood, Peppermint (I often like to add a little citrus like grapefruit or wild orange as well for some freshness).


  1. Fill 1/2 your vessel with Jojoba Oil
  2. Add 1-2 tsp vitamin E oil (or just a sqirt)
  3. Fill the remainder of the vessel with equal parts rosehip and pomegranite oil, but leaving a bit of room at the top for essential oils.
  4. Add 30-40 drops of essential oils (split number of drops evenly between the oils you’re adding, eg 10 drops each Frankinsence, Lavender, Tea Tree, Sandalwood).
  5. If using peppermint – only use 1-2 drops as it gives the skin a little tingle and too much doesn’t feel that good!
  6. Place lid on vessel and shake up to blend. That’s it 🙂

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