NEW STUDY: Living near fast-food stores makes you obese!

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… Or does it? Headlines like this grab your attention, don’t they? Unfortunately, they are often misleading and misinterpret associated research. Today I’ll take you through a recent nutrition study, to show you some things to look out for! The Study Compelling evidence already independently links one’s exposure to fast food(1-3) and lower socioeconomic status (SES) (4-6) with increased risk of … Read More

ATP – How does our body make Energy?

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 As an assessment for a unit in my Masters of Nutrition degree, I recently had to put together a ‘Factsheet’ on how our bodies make ATP (targeted at the level of a fellow student). I received a HD for this assessment piece and several of my friends expressed how interesting they found the factsheet. So I thought I’d share the information with … Read More

Whole-Foods Cooking Class with Penny 5th July 2015

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Cooking Class

  Whole-Foods Cooking Class with Penny   Hi Everyone! Do you want to get hands-on and actually practice making (and eating) great, healthy, whole dishes yourself? Then you’ve come to the right place! Take home the KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS to make a range of nourishing, delicious, whole-foods dishes (vegan, dairy-free and gluten-free catered for). Undertake a raage of recipes from … Read More