In the Netherlands for Koningsdag? (Kings Day)

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I had the pleasure of arriving in the Netherlands from Hong Kong at 6:35am on 27th April 2016; Koningsdag!! Along with the warm and welcoming arms of my Oom (Uncle) Frits, I was greeted by some crazy orange decorations, from clothes, hats and balls to flags, rings and earrings (orange is the Dutch national colour, if you didn’t know). Koningsdag, or “Kings … Read More

Macros, Micros? Vitamins and Minerals? What, exactly, IS Nutrition?!

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When it comes to the world of health, dieting, combating diabetes & obesity, weight-loss, fitness, nutrition and wellbeing in general, there are many terms being thrown around that aren’t completely understood by the majority of the population. Things like low-carb, paleo, ketogenic, insulin-resistance, nutrient-deficiencies, high-protein and much more. At their heart, these terms are to do with the food (nutrients) we eat and how … Read More

Parents’ Voice

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Did you know that our food choices are not always made by us? Our ability to make healthy decisions is weakened when we’re stressed, anxious, tired or have already made plenty of decisions during they day, or during a shop. This is where “Impulse Marketing” gets you! The placement of unhealthy food “specials” at checkouts and ends of supermarket isles … Read More

Dark Emu, Black Seeds; Agriculture or Accident?

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Dark Emu, Black Seeds; Agriculture or Accident? – Listen to the Interview. How would you change the way you think about Australian Agriculture if you found out that, rather than nomadic, hunter-gatherer tribes, the Aboriginal people were sophisticated agriculturalists when British colonists arrived? The ABC’s Richard Fidler interviews Bruce Pascoe, author of ‘Dark Emu, Black Seeds’ on the true nature of … Read More

Waiheke Weddings

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Waiheke Island, New Zealand. A perfectly pristine getaway only 30 minutes from the hustle and bustle of Auckland’s CBD (plus a bonus a relaxing boat ride to get there)! [photos by The Official Photographers]   Waiheke Island lies almost in the middle of the Hauraki Gulf, East of Auckland’s CBD. It is the most populous of the islands in the gulf with … Read More

Auckland in a Hurry!

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I was recently passing through Auckland, New Zealand’s largest City, with only 2 full days and 1 night to experience her offerings. I tell you now, it was NOT ENOUGH time! I highly recommend making it a longer stay if you plan on visiting, as Auckland is a beautiful city teeming with unexpected entertainment and dozens of things to do … Read More

Digestion, Absorption and Transport of Lipids in the Body

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 Digestion, Absorption and Transport of Lipids in the body. Last week’s post was an Introduction to Lipids and the types of lipids found in our food and in our bodies; triglycerides, sterols and phospholipids. This week we’re going into an overview of how fat is digested, absorbed and transported around our body! Digestion Breakdown of triglycerides begins in the mouth … Read More

An Introduction to Lipids

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FAT. It’s not such a nice word and it gets thrown around a lot. As humans we eat fat, we store fat, the words has even become an adjective used by many to describe others’ bodies. But, like much else around us, fat just comes down to simply being a group of different atoms bonded together to form certain types … Read More

An Introduction to Carbohydrates

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Last week I commenced study for my Masters of Nutrition!  As I complete my Masters of Nutrition, I will share with you my learnings through my PB-Log (Blog). This not only helps my study but I also hope you will learn something too! This week’s topic is An Introduction into Carbohydrates.   Firstly, what are carbohydrates? Simply put, carbohydrates are molecules of varying sizes containing carbon, oxygen … Read More

A Tasty Send-off to Geelong

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With only 5 weeks until I leave Geelong to move back home to sunny Brisbane, yesterday saw my final Cooking Classes being held in Geelong! And what a day it was! In the morning I ran a healthy cooking demonstration & workshop for the super-motivated members of U Can 2 Weight Loss & Fitness. This was a tailored a workshop specifically designed … Read More