Dark Emu, Black Seeds; Agriculture or Accident?

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Dark Emu, Black Seeds; Agriculture or Accident? – Listen to the Interview.

How would you change the way you think about Australian Agriculture if you found out that, rather than nomadic, hunter-gatherer tribes, the Aboriginal people were sophisticated agriculturalists when British colonists arrived?

The ABC’s Richard Fidler interviews Bruce Pascoe, author of ‘Dark Emu, Black Seeds’ on the true nature of Aboriginal civilisation which was in fact documented by our early explorers (Sturt, Flinders, Collins and more), but, for speculative reasons, escaped communication through our education.

There is a lot we can learn from the way the Aboriginal People cultivated their land and worked with it – harvesting crops that could grow in the harsh conditions, not requiring as much water as European crops.

Click here or on the photo to listen to the interview.

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