A Tasty Send-off to Geelong

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With only 5 weeks until I leave Geelong to move back home to sunny Brisbane, yesterday saw my final Cooking Classes being held in Geelong!

And what a day it was!

In the morning I ran a healthy cooking demonstration & workshop for the super-motivated members of U Can 2 Weight Loss & Fitness. This was a tailored a workshop specifically designed to compliment their fitness and nutrition programs at the gym, while still incorporating variety, flavour and fun!

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The theme for the workshop was around quick, easy, affordable and kid-friendly meals that are delicious and easily fitting into the members’ nutrition plans.

The big winners from day were the Basil Pesto, Apple & Berry Crumble and Red Velvet Bliss Balls! With member feedback showing several “lightbulb moments” of how EASY, SIMPLE and versatile healthy eating really is. Thanks so much to Patrick from Sequence Digital for the great photos taken at the workshop.

Then in the afternoon we had the “Everyday Paleo” Cooking Class.



A range of students attended from experienced paleo-followers, to several ‘experimenters’, someone who has never heard of Paleo and even a Vegetarian!


The team made a range of dishes from breakfasts, snacks and condiments to main meals and desserts. As always the bliss balls were eaten within minutes of construction, fritter-experimentation was a great take-away, and the pesto, again, a big hit. But probably everyone was the most excited once they learned how to make Paleo Cheese and Cheese Sauce!

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The emphasis of the class was around versatility with the recipes and learning the skill of changing things up for ‘whatever you have in the pantry/fridge’.

Since commencing to teach cooking classes back in June, I’ve absolutely had a ball spreading the healthy-cooking love around Geelong and Victoria. I’m so excited to continue sharing my passion through online recipes and videos as well as face-to-face in Brisbane and beyond!

Stay Tuned!


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