Nachos with Fresh Salsa Salad and Loaded Guac

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Who doesn’t love a good Mexican Feast? I just love the herbs and spices used in Mexican cuisine, the way there’s chilli and spice but it’s mellowed with cinnamon, cumin and coriander! Probably my first introduction to Mexican food would have been Nachos, well at least an Australian-ised version of Nachos anyway. I still love making them at home, and … Read More

Loaded Guacamole

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Who doesn’t love a good Mexican Feast? All your friends come over, a big pot of chilli or pulled pork or fajita chicken in the middle of the table, with assorted salsas, fresh vegetables, tortillas, corn chips and more. And of course Guacamole! But Guacamole doesn’t have to be confined to Mexican feasts, the healthy fats from the avocado and … Read More

Sweet Chilli Sauce – Paleo

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sweet chilli sauce

Sweet Chilli Sauce is a staple in many Australian homes.  I’ve always really enjoyed it too, whether it’s just to jazz up some plain steamed veggies; stirred through some cashew cream cheese to make a ‘sweet chilli philli’ style dip; in a simple stir fry (easiest ever = tamari + sweet chilli sauce + water); or to make a vietnamese-style dressing … Read More

180 ANZAC Biscuits

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anzac biscuits

ANZAC Biscuits are something that I really love, and identify with as an Australian; each year commemorating those who have fallen in defence of our beloved country. Last year I made this version. But I thought I’d change things up this year for something a little different… This year I’ve teamed up with 180 Nutrition to bring you these Superfood … Read More

BBQ Pork Ribs with Slaw and Cauli Mash

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BBQ pork ribs

Ribs… They have to be one of the most fun, yet most messy things to eat. But that’s the whole point right? Haha! Many people associate ribs with take-away and unhealthy food but actually, they can be just as good for you as any other cut of meat. It all depends on the quality of the animal/meat you use,  what you … Read More

Incaberry, Ginger, Tahini & Molasses Hot Cross Buns

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hot cross buns

It’s that time of year again… Easter! Which means chocolate, but also Hot Cross Buns! Well this year, I’ve got something interesting for you; Incaberry, Ginger, Tahini & Molasses Hot Cross Buns – something a little different :D.  But definitely something DELICIOUS! Guten-free, primal and perfect if you’re looking for a different take on the traditional HCB. Recipe Type: GF, … Read More

Rocky Road – GF, DF, RSF

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rocky road

Rocky Road. Another Aussie icon. Marshmallows, nuts and other goodies coated in chocolate. How can you go wrong? Well, that’s easy; all the sugar and added preservatives, stabilisers and emulsifiers that are found in so many of the chocolates, marshmallows and lollies out there these days. Here’s my take on this Aussie favourite – gluten-free, dairy-free, refined sugar free, but … Read More