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Meet the face behind Geelong’s fastest growing Instagram page; @Grub_Guide_Geelong


It’s is with great excitement that I share with you this article and interview, introducing you to the face behind Geelong’s fastest growing Instagram page, @Grub_Guide_Geelong, that shares everything delicious, nutritious and local! Grub Guide is expanding fast with a brand new website and Facebook page enabling the local-love to spread farther and wider!

Grub Guide Geelong

Gluten free pancakes with bananas , strawberries and raspberries drizzled with peanut butter and chocolate sauce. Just a regular Sunday brekky whipped up by Allira.

In just over a year @Grub_Guide_Geelong has built an Instagram following from 0 to over 5000! There aren’t many Geelong locals who would not have heard-of or come into contact with Grub Guide or its creator. Be it through the beautifully photographed #foodporn #yeahfood photos that are shared through the @Grub_Guide_Geelong Instagram page (homemade dishes plus tips for amazing local eats and produce), perhaps you’ve read one of her monthly food reviews in Voice on Pako, or if you’re lucky enough you may have even sampled her specialty cooking and barista skills at Two Little Birds Cafe in Belmont.

Do a little exploring through the @Grub_Guide_Geelong Instagram page and you will find there are two consistent themes – Food (obviously) and the SHARING of local food insights be it businesses, cafes, recipes, events, markets, wholefoods shops or products.

After meeting her a few months ago and spending more time together since then, I absolutely adore Allira’s take on lifestyle, balance and fulfilment. I’m delighted to share with you an insight into the life and lifestyle of the face and creative mind behind the @Grub_Guide_Geelong movement; let me introduce the stunning Allira Potter!

grub guide geelong

Nathan and Allira celebrating, photo courtesy of Meaghan Cook.

Given her love of all things Geelong, it’s easy to assume that Allira is a true blue, Gtown local; however, it was only in 2009 that she moved here!

Allira’s love of food began during her upbringing in Melbourne.

“I thank Mum for opening-up my palette to so many different flavours during my childhood. She was always cooking us dishes from different cuisines and taking us out to exotic restaurants and events to experience vibrant cultures.”

Through these outings and her mother’s cooking, Allira realised what a central role food plays in culture and society. Learning from, and helping, her mother in the kitchen at home sparked not only her life-long love of food, flavour and cooking but also travel.

Given her love for food, culture and the social fun it inspires, it was natural for Allira to fall into hospitality work after finishing high school. Combined with her interest in travel (not to mention being young and independent) work in hospitality took Allira to the Gold Coast, Cairns and Ballarat. It was also the birthplace her loving relationship with, now husband of 2 years, Nathan. Family ties and a need for a new beginning brought the couple back to Geelong in 2009 where they’ve embraced the café, food and wine culture. Also a chef, you can taste some of Nathan’s creations at Black Bull Tapas on Moorabool St.

Allira and Nate

Nate and Allira have been married for 2 years and together for 7!


Allira’s love and respect for food is clear but there are two other great hungers in Allira’s life.

  • Photography, the arts and anything lifestyle related will always catch her attention, from art, interiors, beautifully blossoming roses, intricately handcrafted home wares, candles and accessories to stunning landscapes and cityscapes. If a ‘little guy’ makes them or small local business then Allira loves it even more!

“I love helping the little guys!”

  • Secondly there is her inherent passion for her indigenous heritage. Allira is currently studying Mental Health & Alcohol and wants to work in indigenous health in the future.

“Grub Guide is one half of me – the other half of me is this really passionate, young, indigenous person wanting to inspire and empower other young indigenous people to lead great lives”.

Indigenous Health

Allira stands with her family at her great-grandfather’s statue in Melbourne for Naidoc week in 2015.


However, in whatever other ventures Allira embarks on, food will always be a gigantic part of Allira’s life and career. I asked if there was a defining moment when she knew that food was always going to be a part of her career (be it through Grub Guide or working in hospitality).

“About a year ago I tried to get out of hospitality to find a bit of balance and give more time to my family – hospitality hours aren’t the most conducive to weekends away or evenings out with friends. I worked in aged care and disability as I have also completed study in that area. But I just missed food! I literally missed preparing food and being creative in the kitchen then the joy when people dine together, eating food I’ve prepared and loving it!”

Grub Guide Geelong

Allira, myself and some friends sharing burgers at Launch Espresso!

Ok so, we know Allira loves food but what inspired her to start @Grub_Guide_Geelong?

“Haha” Allira laughs, “Just over a year ago, my family had a few (joking) words to me – they were sick of all the photos of food I would post on my personal Facebook page. I decided to take the ‘burden’ off them so I created Grub Guide over on Instagram and… I guess the rest is history!”

So what does the next 3 years look like for Grub Guide?

“I want Grub Guide to grow into a MASSIVE community. It will be one big hub and platform for people and young cooks and chefs to share recipes, nutrition knowledge, food inspiration, local businesses, and lifestyle. The new Grub Guide website and Facebook page will help with this. One day I’d love to write a recipe book and maybe even start a catering business with Nate”.

Grub Guide Geelong

Homemade cornbread topped with a light salsa, homemade strawberry balsamic glaze and goats curd. Made by Nate and Allira at a dinner for their family.

The future sure looks bright and exciting for Allira and @Grub_Guide_Geelong. One thing’s for sure, this chick sure does love fooooood! Keep up to date with everything Grub Guide related over on Instagram (@grub_guide_geelong), Facebook and the brand new Website!

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