10 Highlights of Alicante and Murcia

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Alicante and Murcia are two cities (about an hour apart) in the region of Spain south of Valencia. Alicante, on the coast, attracts some tourists in the Summer (although not nearly as many as its neighbour, Benidorm), while Murcia is a somewhat unknown, though nonetheless beautiful and interesting, city! Both Alicante airport and Murcia airports are the nearest to this … Read More

Mouthwatering Murcian Morsels

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Spanish Food Paella

Did you know that paella is actually the name of the large pan that the rice is cooked in? In a more local restaurant you won’t actually see ‘Paella’ on the menu. Rather you’ll read the heading “Arroces” which is Spanish for ‘rices’. Under the heading you’ll then see the different rice dishes that the restaurant serves (seafood, chicken, chorizo etc.). … Read More