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One of the key ingredients of a healthy, balanced, fulfilling life is having a nutritious diet. However, to some people, the kitchen seems like a foreign country while others just want a little inspiration to get excited. Get all of that plus vital nutrition education that will empower you to nourish yourself and your family with the best foods possible!

Not sure we can help you in the kitchen? Neither did these guys, but listen to what they have to say!

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In-home cooking class

Tamra and Grey enjoyed a personally tailored, in-home cooking class just for them while on their honeymoon. Read about it here!

Tamra and Grey (September 2015) – “We were recommended Penny by a friend when looking for a home cooking lesson for our honeymoon and were met with a warm and welcoming response; Penny coming up with a personalised package that excited us both. Penny created a menu that suited our needs paying close attention to what we asked for, while delivering the lesson in a relaxed and fun atmosphere, encouraging us to be very hands-on throughout. Her recipes were simple and inspiring, offering plenty of room for us to create more delicious meals on our own, which is exactly what we were looking for. Thanks so much Penny!” 

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Elizabeth White (October 2015) – “After taking a fun and inspiring cooking class with Penny I would definitely encourage anyone to give it a go! Penny is full of great tips and tricks, new and exciting ways to serve up those veggies, great ideas for substituting in some better choices into your everyday meals. The class was small and provided heaps of opportunities to get to know these veggies of ours better! Thank you Penny!”

Janelle Hodgson (October 2015) –Attended Vivacious Veggies cooking class this morning – could also be called vivacious versatile veggies! We made sweet and savoury snacks, Bircher muesli with carrots – delish! As well as main courses and side dishes, thus enjoyed a delicious lunch at the conclusion. Penny’s depth of knowledge enables recipes to be adapted to suit all diets, mainstream, paleo, gluten free, lactose intolerant, raw or combinations thereof. Thanks Penny for a fun and informative Sunday morning.”

Jacalynne Peake (July 2015) – “I attended a cooking class with Penny in 2015 and it was amazing. Penny you have given me the confidence to try new food and to encourage my children to try different fruit and vegetables. You taught me how simple it is to prepare nutritious meals for my family with simple techniques and minimal cooking gadgets. Thank you for this opportunity and I highly recommend this to everyone the tips are easy and teach you to stop over complicating cooking healthy meals.”

Kim Morris (July 2015) – “Being inexperienced in the kitchen, I found the practical, hands on approach Penny used in her cooking class, gave me the confidence I needed to start making things happen in the kitchen!! My family has loved me experimenting with new techniques & flavours! Would recommend this class to anyone at any level as Penny was great at tailoring her approach.”

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