Penny Benjamin


My Mission

To empower women and men of the world to lead active, healthy, fulfilling lives.   A sustainable, balanced lifestyle is the key to long-term wellbeing, success and in turn, happiness.



  • Certificate III and IV in Fitness – Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer
  • Bachelor of Engineering, Hons (Chemical) 
  • Senior First Aid and CPR
  • Registered Exercise Professional with Fitness Australia

Currently completing:

  • Masters of Human Nutrition
  • SmartDNA Practitioner Training

My Story

My website and my business, Penny Benjamin, is a reflection of me and my passions. So I guess the best place to start is by telling you a bit about myself so that you can understand why I am passionate about helping others create and maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle. If you want to read more, you can read my full story here.

My name is Penny Benjamin, I’m 29 years old (as at February 2017) and I’m from Brisbane, Australia. I love learning new things, spending time with my family and friends, being active, hiking, cooking, travelling and laughing.

I struggled with an eating disorder for 5 years. Following this, my mindset with regards to health shifted significantly, I now view health as a lifelong “journey” rather than a series of ups and downs of ‘getting sick then getting better’.


Before and after, eating disorder

My interest in nutrition and health developed throughout my eating disorder recovery. I decided to stray from my career in Chemical Engineering while nurturing my love for science and chemistry by undertaking a Masters in Human Nutrition.

My services, blogs and products reflect the various elements that I find important in finding balance, success and happiness in life:

  • Daily exercise/activity
  • Cooking delicious, nutritious, healthy food
  • Fun with friends, family and loved ones
  • Passion for travel and experiencing new things!
  • Motivation to achieve success in all areas of life.
  • Getting the most out of life!

I love creating content, be it recipes, travel blogs or translating the sometimes complicated nutrition information into lay terms. I do hope you’ll find something either on my website or through working with me that is able to help you along on your own health ‘journey’!

Big love xxx